We Defend the Vodka Fundamentals

For generations the same natural ingredients have been transformed into 100% neutral grain spirits through rigorous distillation and filtration.

The process begins with the selection of the finest grains to give Moskovskaya its satisfying depth of character, gentle bready flavour, and peppery finish. Once blended with purified water, the fermentation of the grain mash begins and continues at a steady pace for three days. Distillation follows immediately, during which time the liquid is crafted using immense pressure and heat to remove volatile impurities.


Moskovskaya is then triple-distilled to deliver a pure, strong spirit.

The optimum balance of artesian well water is ensured before the liquid undergoes a textbook three-stage filtration process using fine quartz sand, activated charcoal, and fine quartz sand again—this is the traditional method designed by Dmitry Mendeleev, the Russian chemist famous for his invention of the Periodic Table of Elements, to deliver an authentic vodka of great purity and style.

For more than three quarters of a century we have defended the finest traditions of quality, delivering vodka satisfaction in its most authentic form.